Professional fryers for pastry

The fryers professional pastry designed and produced by Fristeel are available in gas and electric , on cabinet or bench .

Available in many combinations of capacity and power our industrial deep fryers are especially suited for bagels, donuts, dough- nuts and other products for confectionery , guaranteeing high performance and the best quality of the product.
All fryers Fristeel are manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel and are equipped with a large cooking surface . On machines is a subdivider power resistors that allows to reduce by one third the power itself , with a major saving of electricity.

Unique in its genre is the new electric fryer Fristeel FR670E1 -10 with external heating that , in addition to having a tank completely “clean” , it allows to drastically reduce the cost of management , with the use of 50% less oil than a deep fryer of equal range .


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