Professional high performance fryers

The fryers professional catering high-performance designed and built with technology Fristeel have an efficient system of total premix combustion , with modular power for maximum performance .

They are machines for frying definitely looking to the future that led Fristeel to invest in an innovative product. The total premix of gas with air , the radiant burners , the forced circulation inside the combustion chamber , the flame modulation , the total absence of heat losses from the chimney during the waiting phase and no pilot burner , have allowed to reach an efficiency of heating clearly superior to traditional deep fryers , reducing the consumption of the gas of 38% and at the same time increasing the productivity of 43 % .

The industrial deep fryers Fristeel have a capacity of 16 to 23 liters and are made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel with a large cold zone. One-piece tanks are constructed and designed with end walls that prevent the storage of cooking residues and flour .

The control system is realized by an electronic display to quickly handle all the most frequent functions : from the security, power management , by adjusting the temperature , to the cleaning of the tub.

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