Production is our core: trained technicians, expert hands and advanced machinery. Everything functional to achieve high quality standards and the best customer service.

Over the years, Fristeel has dedicated itself to following the Customer in all his requests, developing the production of equipment and semi-finished products to always provide the best quality and the best service.

Complete machines, kits adaptable to different lines, semi-finished products and baskets for fryers and pasta cookers: in Fristeel you can find everything you need to complete your kitchen line.


Fristeel offers a wide range of kits for fryers and pasta cookers. The models can have tanks with volumes from 8 to 21 liters, single or double, gas powered, with pipes inside or outside the tank, or electric supply.

All models can be customized with the Customer’s design.

Deep Fryer

Fristeel designs and manufactures machines directly based on the Customer’s specifications, adapting its certified technology to a wide range of requests.


Fristeel produces all the details for fryer kits, pasta cooker kits, frying machines and baskets internally, starting from the raw material, cutting, welding and assembling all the components. The high degree of automation and technical knowledge of its collaborators always guarantees the best


Fristeel designs and manufactures baskets for fryers and pasta cookers in all sizes, even based on the Customer’s specific design.